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Commissioner service is the group within the BSA that provides direct service to each scouting unit. Commissioners are experienced scouters who help chartered organizations and unit leaders to achieve the aims of scouting by using the methods of scouting. They help to ensure that each unit has strong leadership and they encourage training, promote the use of the unit committee and encourage a relationship with the chartering organization.

Commissioner Responsibilties
Become a Commissioner
Basic Training
Commissioner College
Log Community Service Hours
Teams/Units: Ecunchatee District

The wreath of service is a feature on all commissioner and professional position patches. The Commissioner position is the oldest in Scouting and is the origin of the professional Scouting positions, which is why badges of the professional scout have that feature as well.

The laurel wreath is a symbol for the service rendered to units and the continued partnership between volunteers and professionals. The wreath of service represents commitment to a program and unit service.

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