April 30 - May 2

Camp Tukabatchee

New member check-in 5:00pm until 6:45pm

Dinner 7:00pm


We did not keep any 2020 BSA medical forms, the lodge does NOT have your form. We need a new form for 2021. You need to bring a new one. We do not have your troop or summer camp copies.


If a youth did not turn in a COVID waiver in 2020 you'll need to bring one of THOSE also.

Blank youth forms will be available at registration, but if your parents don't drop you off you'll need to bring one. Adult forms are available at registration. 



In an effort to ensure we have a successful Allogagan Ordeal, we will observe the following points to lessen the risk of COVID-19 spread:


1) Medical and temperature checks will take place at registration and again at breakfast on Saturday.

2) Anyone who has been sick or around others who have been sick since April 16 should not attend. Symptoms may include: cough, shortness of breath, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat. Anyone who has had fever, vomiting, or diarrhea since April 25 should not attend.

3) Masks or face coverings and work gloves are required for appropriate times. Please ensure you bring these. Proper eye protection may be required for some projects.

4) Dining hall workers will wear gloves and masks.

5) The dining hall will be sanitized several times throughout the weekend.

6) Proper social distancing will be enforced including social time, ceremonies, projects, and meals.

7) Group hammocking will not be permitted.


Let’s have a safe and fun Allogagan Ordeal!


2021 OA Allogagan Ordeal, 4/30-5/2

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2021 Dues - Not For New Members - Already Included
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