PHILMONT 2022      

Arrive at Philmont: July 2, 2022                

12 days at Philmont

Our plan is to leave on June 27  and return July 15,  2022.


*Cost:  approximately $1,750.00

Participants should pay $150 between now and April 2021;

a total of $750 by September 1, 2021; 

a total of $1350 by  February 1, 2022;

and a final total of $1750 by April 1, 2022.


*Cost does not include equipment such as backpack, sleeping bag, etc. which must be furnished by the Scout.


Participants must be 14 or older by arrival at Philmont.


We are currently planning our Philmont Trip for 2022. We are looking for participants on 12 member crews. Participants can be youth and adults both male and female.  Philmont Scout Ranch, near Cimarron, New Mexico is a high adventure base with many different programs. The group will spend 10 days backpacking in the southern Rocky Mountains at Philmont. There are some age and weight restrictions for Philmont. See for more details about this fantastic place.  To reserve your place for Philmont return the form with a $150 deposit(non-refundable). Questions may be directed to Leith Wilson at (334) 419-0567 email: or Susanne McGaughey (334) 202-6700.


After you make your deposit please send the following information to

Participant name

Parent name if participant is under 21


Current school grade

Home troop or crew number

T-shirt size

Participant's email address - Not parent's - We'll always email both

Parent's email address





Philmont 2022