The next National Order of the Arrow Conference is 7/24-30, 2022 at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. NOAC is possibly the best OA event on our calendar! We'll talk more about NOAC in the coming months, but visit for full details on what happens at a NOAC. 


Adults see the note at the bottom. Make your deposit here or or the council service center. Questions? Ask Adam or


This year there are 2 fees:

Early Bird - $700

--must pay $575 before 12/10

--if $575 not paid, turns into $750 regular fee

--no refunds after 12/10



Regular - $750

--$150 deposit now/asap

--deposit not refundable

--payment plan

-----Oct 1  - $100

-----Nov 1 - $100

-----Feb 1 - $100

-----Mar 1 - $100

-----Apr 1 - $100

-----May 1 - $100

--pay in full by 5/1 or $50 late fee



*Adults must be willing to help with transportation...vehicles and/or extra fee. Talk to Mike before signing up if you have questions. 


These early bird and late fee deadlines are set by National and we cannot waive them.

OA NOAC 2022