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A Guide to the New Internet Charter Renewal System

In keeping with the ongoing effort to make the Internet Charter Renewal process better for all units, National has introduced a brand new (and greatly improved) version.  Accessed through, the new version is available for all units to use. No special codes are required!  The attached guide will help you work out how to access and use the new system.


Bear in mind that your unit’s charter expires on the expiration date, not 60 days after that date.  Please make an effort to ensure that this year’s charter renewals are completed before the expiration date or shortly thereafter.  Thank you in advance for your attention to detail on the timeliness of your unit’s renewal.


As always, I am available to answer any questions, to help guide you through anything you still have trouble with, or to help resolve any issues that may arise.

Tim Neeck, Registrar

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